Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've been changing the shop samples around a little and I just put up these two new pheasant projects. I try to buy any pheasant fabric I see and this line from Wild Wings might be the best we've ever had.

The photo on top is a single panel quilted and bound. It couldn't be easier and looks so great on the wall. We call it Pheasants Forever.

The bottom photo is Pheasant Run. It take a little more piecing, but is equally striking.

We don't often find such great "guy" gifts.


  1. I don't have any hunters in my family, so I'm not usually drawn to pheasant type fabric...but that top panel is really pretty!! Hmmm....must find someone who likes pheasants....:)

    Keep cool!

  2. I bought this (the "more piecing" version) when I was in Iowa the first part of August. My cousin brought me to your wonderful shop and when I saw this I just KNEW that I had to have it for my husband. We had a ringneck pheasant show up in our yard here in Northwestern Arizona this spring and he got such enjoyment out of feeding and watching and trying to make friends with this beautiful bird. Then he disappeared, hmmmm, as quickly as he had come! So, this will be my husband's Christmas present! Thanks so much for such a wonderful store!!