Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to our opening last week. It was fun to have you here. If you saw something that you wish you had purchased, we might still have it. If you email me, we could arrange to meet at our warehouse.

If you wanted to come but are still "up North" we will have another opening Feb 2 & 3 2018.

I wanted to share this photo of Lilith soaking up the sun at our front door. We are both reacting to our recent "cold snap" - thinking about moving further south. Seriously, I had heard that we Northerners got hyper sensitive to cooler weather. Guess they were right.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Great first day! Good weather and nice crowd. We were so happy to see so many of you.
We'll be open again tomorrow from 9-3.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Been working hard all day getting ready for our opening tomorrow. I took some photos when we were finished.

Hope we will see you tomorrow or Saturday at 2605 Guava in Edgewater. You'll have fun just looking at all our creations. We start at 9 am each day.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Today we put a lot of the major furniture items in place.

I'm really proud of how many unique pieces we have.
Tomorrow we will be adding all the decor items. We have some pretty fantastic Christmas things.

Don't forget our Open House is Friday Oct. 20 9-5 and Saturday Oct. 21 9-3.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's getting pretty busy here at Junkstyle South. We try to stop restoring and creating about two weeks before a show so that we will have time to price and display. That would mean we should have stopped last Friday.We are pretty close to doing that but I'm willing to bet there will be a little painting going on tomorrow in the workshop.

I'm posting some photos of a few items nearing completion.

Mom, Jan and I are all working on hand crafted Christmas items, too. I spent many years hosting a Christmas Boutique back in Iowa and Mom and Jan were always a big part of it.

I used to love decorating for Christmas when I had my big farmhouse. I collected vintage Christmas decorations for 40 years. Now I have a small Florida condo so I will be offering some of my vintage items for sale.

There are lots more of these.

Lillith would like to get into the Christmas spirit, but she is too busy basking in the Florida sunshine.

Don't forget to come see us October 20 and 21st at 2605 Guava, Edgewater.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It's been over 6 months since my last blog post. I  have to admit I never meant for it to be so long between posts. After the success of our March show, we started acquiring furniture and making plans for our scheduled next show October 20 and 21.

We were just going into Summer when my beloved sister-in law Barb (the fourth member of our Junkstyle South group) was taken from us. Within the last 3 years, my mom and I and my sister and her husband had all moved to New Smyrna Beach to be with Barb and my brother Tom. Her loss was a terrible blow to all of us. For a while I didn't think Junkstyle South could go on but we finally decided that Barb would want us to do just that.

We had just gotten going  when hurricane Irma decided to change the plans again. Unlike many people in Florida we did not have a lot of damage but were without power for over two weeks.

Enough excuses - the show must go on and it will with any luck Friday and Saturday October 20 and 21.

I do think we are working on some great pieces. Here's a photo of Jan and her coffee table just to whet your appetite.

I promise to write here more often in the coming days.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Here are a few more photos taken before our opening. I'm happy that we had such a good selection. Much of it sold, so now we are already on the hunt for more. We've found some great items and are ready to get started working on them. I'll try to keep you posted.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here are a couple of preview photos for tomorrow's first Junkstyle South Opening. It took Jan, Mom, Barb and I (along with help from Tom and Jim) two days to set everything up. I think our new space is going to work out well.

Remember, we are at 2605 Guava Dr. in Edgewater. We will be open from 9am -4pm tomorrow and Saturday.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We've all been working really hard on projects for our first opening this week.

I thought you might like to see some of our local ads.

These next few days we will be setting up our displays, one of the fun parts of this business.

Monday, March 6, 2017

 Jan and I on Canal Street

Barb at the Bouchelle Clubhouse

Our weekend went well. We talked to lots of lovers of Vintage and are hopeful that many of them will be able to come to our first show at the warehouse Friday and Saturday March 17 and 18.

Needless to say, we hit the ground running today. We have a lot of work to do in a very short time.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We're excited to be a part of the Antiques and Vintage Market on Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach this Saturday March 4th from 9-4. It's our first show here in Florida, and we'd like to make a good impression. We've finished some nice projects and are also showing some antiques that I brought from Iowa.

On the same day, Mom and Barb will be set up at the Clubhouse here on Bouchelle Island for the annual Yard Sale.  They will have mostly small items featuring mom's shell crafts. This sale will be from 8 am to noon.

We hope to see you at one of these events.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Quite obviously, we filled the shelves!

 And  we started working right away. The bottom two photos are of items we are auditioning for  the Antiques and Vintage Market on Canal St in New Smyrna Beach Saturday March 4. We are excited to get some things out there and introduce our selves to the Central Florida Market. Jan and I will set up on Canal Street and on the same day Mom and Barb will be doing the Bouchelle Island Yard Sale at the Clubhouse on Bouchelle Island. That's where Mom and I have condos.

We are also very excited to announce the dates for our first occasional sale. It will be Friday & Saturday March 17 & 18 (9am-5pm) at our new facility - 2605 Quava Dr. unit A, Edgewater Florida.

We hope to have many great pieces of furniture and decor available. We are hitting garage sales and resale shops looking for inventory. It's tough work but somebody has to do it.

You'll want to get in on this first show. Remember it will likely be several months before we open again.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

We've started working in our space. The last two days my brother, brother-in-law and four of their friends built a room and some big shelving units. We will soon be able to move in the furniture and decor items we have been stockpiling.My brother, Tom did all the planning and he and Jim had most everything precut so things are going smoothly. I am cleaning and painting while they build. Can't wait to get going.

Friday, January 13, 2017

I'll actually be closing on our Junkstyle South building on Tuesday. By Wednesday we should be in and working on our space. Just can't wait to get started. Mom and I went garage saling today and got a few nice pieces.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Just to tell you how long I've been contemplating Junkstyle South, I bought this chair last Winter. It has seen better days, but I think it can be beautiful. Lilith was looking it over here, but eventually she claimed it as her afternoon nap spot. It is still stored in my spare bedroom (notice a "few" other items?) but she will soon have to find a new spot as I hope to move everything to the warehouse next week. I need that bedroom  back.

My condo is small but I am loving it. Here are some views from my porch.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Junkstyle South Crew

 Here we are - the lovers of design and repurposed furniture. Pictured from left: my sister  Jan Speed, sister-in-law Barb Hansen, me Julie Larsen and Mom Marge Hansen. We are "the crew".

With us in this photo are my niece Ali Adams and her daughter Kali who were visiting from Iowa.

How we all got here is quite a story, but let's just say we are so happy to be together after many years of living a great distance from one another. We all love to decorate and bargain hunt but have seldom gotten to do it together. After living here for a year (during this time I was still doing occasional sales in Iowa during the summer) I realized I still loved to "junk" but had already filled my retirement condo. Not wanting to quit, I started looking for a commercial building that could perpetuate my habit. I finally found one this Fall and will take possession in a week. First off, we will use the space for storing our "finds". As we get some of them repurposed, we will start scheduling sales.

In a future post, I will introduce my brother Tom and brother-in-law Jim. They are both experienced woodworkers and remodelers. We'll be relying on their expertise.

Some of my nieces and nephews are also interested in the same things we are. If they happen to be here visiting they will also be drafted to help.

Friday, January 6, 2017

I'm back with a new business.

I have not been on this blog for a long time. Now I am living in Florida full time and ready to start a new business. For the past four years I was hosting occasional sales back in Iowa in my quilt retreat building. My sister,Jan (A Piece of Work Designs) was a big help with these sales.

Now she, my sister-in-law and mom will be teaming with me in this new venture Junkstyle South. We are four Midwest gals who know what "farmhouse is all about. We also rock Coastal, Industrial, Southern Rustic and a touch of Mid Century Modern. Our passion is to rescue furniture and decor items and them restore and transform them for Central Florida homes. To that end my brother and brother-in-law will also be helping us with construction.

I brought a lot of furniture and salvage items from my farm in Iowa that we will be incorporating into some very special pieces.

We will do some local shows (first one is the New Smyrna Beach Canal Street Antique show March 4, 2017). Four or five times a year we will hold occasional sales at  our new salvage warehouse/workshop in Edgewater Florida. Watch this blog for dates, details and locations. You can also email me with your name and email address and you will be added to our list.

The chair above was rescued at the Mt. Dora flea market and restored by me. You can see how my sweet Lilith loves it.