Friday, September 16, 2011

I thought you might enjoy seeing how some of the blocks turned out last weekend at Pumpkin Gathering. The quilt we all made was Alternating Four Patch from Five Yard Quilts.

We had a great time. As usual, there was plenty of good food. Irene brought Chocolate Fritos to share. Everyone wanted the recipe, so I promised to share it when she sent it to me.

Chocolate Fritos

1 C white corn syrup 1 regular bag Fritos

1 C sugar 2 C chocolate chips

1 C peanut butter

Boil syrup and sugar rapidly for 2 minutes. Add peanut butter and boil for 1 more minute. Put Fritos in sprayed 9X13 pan. Pour boiling mixture over the top. Sprinkle with chocolate chips and let them melt. Spread to cover Frito misture evenly. Let cool and cut into squares.

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