Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are well into our last week here at Prairie Star Quilts in Elk Horn. All this week remaining stock is –60%. I’ve also reduced a lot of display pieces and we have hung a lot of samples that will now be for sale.

On Saturday the 28th (our last day) instead of fabric, patterns and books being –65% as advertised we will reduce all fabric to $2 per yard. Patterns will be $1 and books $2. there will be other great buys, too.

Saturday will be one of the saddest days of my life. Not only do I hate to see the shop close, not see most of you again and not have my staff together,  but it was to have been a happy occasion for Charlie and me. I have to admit time for the two of us was the main reason for my retirement.

Sad though it will be, I plan to be in the shop all day Saturday --- it's been a great 20 years.

If you can put up with me, I plan to keep this blog going.

Julie, Prairie Star Quilts


  1. I really enjoy your blogs so I'm glad to hear you'll continue.

  2. Saturday will be a sad day for all of us who have grown to love your shop and have such fond memories of it. I'm so glad that you plan to keep your blog going. It's always nice to stop in and see what you've been up to! I wouldn't want to lose touch!

  3. Saturday will be a very sad day and I'm going to miss our visits to your store in Iowa. Very glad to hear that you'll keep the blog so we can stay in touch!

  4. I am so glad you are continuing your blog. I have a question.... I would like to make the Indian Creek quilt that you had a picture of on one of your March 2011 entries. I tried googling it but could not find it. You can email me at maggiehagman (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  5. Julie,I wish that I could have made it to your shop one more time. You and your shop got me started quilting and I cannot imagine my life without quilting! Keep your blog coming!!!! Thank you! Sue Nielsen