Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Eclectic Garden Junkstyle Show was a success. It was fun seeing so many of you.

We've been so busy sorting through my Mom's sewing room and I've moved lots of things to the Annex for our next sale Treasured Textiles Junkstyle.

Mom loves to make crazy quilts but she's not taking all of her supplies with her to Florida so there will be on abundance of silky tie fabrics and some velvets. She's also selling a lot of her stash at ridiculously low prices. I decided to clean out my vintage closet. I found quilt tops and lots of sets of blocks. I always favored pre 1900 things so I think if you have the same interest, you will love what I'm selling.

Of course we still have a lot of vintage furniture and decorative pieces. We're holding this sale the same weekend as the Walnut Antique Walk so you could attend both. We are only about 10 miles NE of Walnut and will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Hope to see you.

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