Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's getting pretty busy here at Junkstyle South. We try to stop restoring and creating about two weeks before a show so that we will have time to price and display. That would mean we should have stopped last Friday.We are pretty close to doing that but I'm willing to bet there will be a little painting going on tomorrow in the workshop.

I'm posting some photos of a few items nearing completion.

Mom, Jan and I are all working on hand crafted Christmas items, too. I spent many years hosting a Christmas Boutique back in Iowa and Mom and Jan were always a big part of it.

I used to love decorating for Christmas when I had my big farmhouse. I collected vintage Christmas decorations for 40 years. Now I have a small Florida condo so I will be offering some of my vintage items for sale.

There are lots more of these.

Lillith would like to get into the Christmas spirit, but she is too busy basking in the Florida sunshine.

Don't forget to come see us October 20 and 21st at 2605 Guava, Edgewater.

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