Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carol just completed this cute sample. It makes me smile because I feel like it's an order - can't wait to see gardens again. We do have crocuses blooming on the South side of the Retreat Center.
Charlie and I spent the afternoon hauling limbs away (result of our January ice storm - there's been too much snow until now). We'll have several more days of that then start on sticks. There's so much small trash, too that I know we'll probably have to rake everything. Once again I say we love trees but this year might test us.
A couple of days ago Fabri-quilt sent me small yardages of all my fabrics. I think we should have bolts in about three weeks. I'll use what I have now to make samples for Quilt Market. For the most part I'm really happy with all the pieces and I hope all of you will like them, too.


  1. Julie, are you going to take pictures of your fabric? What are you going to applique? Yes, bad as a two year old with questions. Anne

  2. I like the "Bloom" quilt very much. It has such a fresh spring look.