Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've been doing some re-photographing for some of my older quilt patterns so I thought I'd put in a plug for Shiloh. I made it about ten years ago when my husband was first diagnosed with Alpha-1 (the genetic disease that led to his lung transplant). He had home infusions for several hours every week and I wanted something to quilt by hand while I sat with him. I never see this quilt without thinking of those days and the miracle of his transplant.

The idea came from a book I have, Quilts of the Smithsonian. In it is a Pine Burr quilt in these colors and with a jagged edge. It wasn't exactly a pineapple but it reminded me of one. I have always loved pineapple log cabins and over the years tried all the methods. The only one that was ever true was paper pieced (and I'm not fond of paper piecing). I decided to design an easier method that could also stay true. My Shiloh uses connector squares or flip and sew - I call it a faux pnieapple. Even beginners have been successful with it.

Shiloh has been featured by Fons and Porter in both Sew Many Quilts and the TV show. It is by far our most popular pattern and my most requested quilt.

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