Thursday, March 3, 2011

I just added five new kits to our website . From top to bottom they are Indian Creek, ABC's, Fifi and Fido, A Star is Born and Tara Revisited. We have a policy here that we usually don't make a sample unless we plan to make kits for it. This requires lots of planning and extra work, but we think it is just one more way to provide good service for our customers.
Kits aren't for everyone but there are some real advantages. For instance, I love selecting my own fabric and tweaking patterns. But I also enjoy having a few kits on hand for that odd little bit of sewing time that I might find - I can just grab a kit and get started without sorting through my fabric collection. For those who have a hard time with fabric selection, a kit allows them to know what the finished quilt will look like. Also, we have many travelers stop by and they often do not have the time it takes to choose all the fabrics for a project. Kits can sometimes save you money. Most patterns will have a minimum of 1/4 yard for yardage. If you really don't need that much of a particular fabric, we can put in just the amount you need - this is especially true for quilts like Tara Revisted.

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