Monday, January 9, 2017

Just to tell you how long I've been contemplating Junkstyle South, I bought this chair last Winter. It has seen better days, but I think it can be beautiful. Lilith was looking it over here, but eventually she claimed it as her afternoon nap spot. It is still stored in my spare bedroom (notice a "few" other items?) but she will soon have to find a new spot as I hope to move everything to the warehouse next week. I need that bedroom  back.

My condo is small but I am loving it. Here are some views from my porch.


  1. Best of luck...looks to be a fun family adventure. You have the eye for classy pieces!! Older furniture is usually built very well and will transition into many decors! Good to get away from the midwest winters, too cold!!

  2. Your view is beautiful! And I think your new store sounds like so much fun! Good for you! Enjoy!