Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bear with me as I try to learn new things. I made a small slide show about our laminate fabrics. We're getting quite a collection.Laminated cottons are similar to oilcloth but much lighter weight and more drapable. Last year when we got our first pieces we made lots of cosmetic bags and Karen even made a raincoat. Now, With more to choose from, we're designing an apron and have Amy Butler's patterns for hooded raincoats. I plan to try a raincoat for myself this Spring. They'd also be great for tote bags and diaper bags.

click on the "play" button to see the slide show (it may take a while to load).


  1. Thanks for the slide show. I'm going to have to stop in and check those out. Love the idea of the apron. Would be fun to make paint smocks for the grandkids with those fabrics.