Saturday, January 7, 2017

Junkstyle South Crew

 Here we are - the lovers of design and repurposed furniture. Pictured from left: my sister  Jan Speed, sister-in-law Barb Hansen, me Julie Larsen and Mom Marge Hansen. We are "the crew".

With us in this photo are my niece Ali Adams and her daughter Kali who were visiting from Iowa.

How we all got here is quite a story, but let's just say we are so happy to be together after many years of living a great distance from one another. We all love to decorate and bargain hunt but have seldom gotten to do it together. After living here for a year (during this time I was still doing occasional sales in Iowa during the summer) I realized I still loved to "junk" but had already filled my retirement condo. Not wanting to quit, I started looking for a commercial building that could perpetuate my habit. I finally found one this Fall and will take possession in a week. First off, we will use the space for storing our "finds". As we get some of them repurposed, we will start scheduling sales.

In a future post, I will introduce my brother Tom and brother-in-law Jim. They are both experienced woodworkers and remodelers. We'll be relying on their expertise.

Some of my nieces and nephews are also interested in the same things we are. If they happen to be here visiting they will also be drafted to help.

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