Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have to apologize for no blog the last week. We awoke on Wednesday morning to half an inch of ice on everything and no electricity. When you live in the country that means not heat, no water. The power outage was widespread in Western Iowa. We spent the last six days at the motel in Elk Horn. I at least thought I could be at the shop and get some things done but power also went out in Elk Horn several different days for six and eight hours at a time. When that happened we had no phone, no credit card machine, no internet. Business was almost nonexistent for most of last week and the first part of this week. We also had a blizzard yesterday.
We were thrilled to get our power back at home this morning. We had taken precautions so our pipes wouldn't freeze but we lost everything in the deep freeze and refrigerator. We have lots of tree branches down.
I'm sure many of you have similar stories. Hopefully we're moving on to better days.


  1. No heat & no water! Yikes! Time to head to a quilt shop to get warm.